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How to Train for Half Marathon?

Train for Half MarathonGetting you to train for half marathon might me discouraging. People often find it hard to deal with their procrastinations and lots of excuses on getting on the train for half marathon. Some beginners don’t even know how to start.

Well, in this article, I will give you an exact panel, not of choices, but rather a checklist. Researchers say, a person who has the habit of making checklists for his task according to urgency has more feeling of responsibility to accomplish what are listed. Hence, makes a person pursue on goals and achieve those.

Train for Half Marathon: Start Today, Not Tomorrow.

If you have a dream of joining full marathons, you better start with 5k and 10k runs. This way, you may be entitled to improving your aerobic and strength endurance. Here is a complete checklist that you should take note.

  • Make your plan with a half marathon calendar. A plan with the half marathon calendar 2012 will work best for you. This process shall also include your goals. This is very important as it will keep you going to the next steps that will be tougher.
  • Get serious. Be professional even if you’re a beginner. If you feel like deferring actions again, try to bribe yourself with things that you would want for yourself that you can get out of the race just like a new pair of running shoes when you win. This is attainable enough of you only get serious and when nothing will get your attention out of the track.
  • When you are motivated enough, get started on the training as soon as possible. It is better to start earlier than cram the day before and just be left on the cheering crowd. It is crucial for beginners to start as soon as they knew they want to join because training will take months. Start with a 20 week preparation at 90 minutes per day of easy running.
  • Know how to warm yourself up every session of the race as well as in the actual race. There are various stretching, strength training, and cross training that can steer you away from fatigue and other injuries.
  • Know the lap. It is best to inform yourself ahead about the course you are going to take in the race. Some races may include elevated tracks, rural, and urban areas. Study the course to make yourself aware. Of course, you can be able to take it easily if you know where to go, right? Short races may occur before the half marathon. You can utilize that chance to join and get a full warm up from there.
  • Get a balanced diet. You can consult a dietician to set up the right amount of protein and carbohydrates for you. This will be very important as complex carbohydrates provide lasting energy for the race. Fluid intake is also an issue before and in the actual race.
  • Wear the right shoes. Running shoes are varied as feet are varied as well. Purchase the best pair from a sports store and try to ask a person who might know everything about it. Trying the pair of shoes on a surface that has the same characteristics as a rough road can help you ensure comfort when running. Some sports stores allow this.

On the race day, never forget the things that you need. Those should be prepared the night before or maybe the other day to ensure everything’s ready and packed in. Rise early and eat your pre-race meal. Arrive at the venue at the early time possible when you think that the runners have come, then. Warm yourself up as they do and never forget to go to the comfort room before getting into the run. Most importantly, reach the finish line!

12 Week Marathon Training Schedule

Some runners take the 12 week marathon training schedule maybe because they believe too much in their own capacity but most often, beginners find this span very short. Thus, they still prefer to take the 20 week preparation for the half marathon.

More time for the training means more readiness. It has been also proven that runners who take the 12 week marathon training schedule experience lack of time improving their marathon performance. But, we may also consider that this train for half marathon can be sufficient to run a good marathon.